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Sunday Morning

My first dip in the water of my new Lifestyle and Purposeful Living page. I call it purposeful because that means a lot to me and the construct of my life. Intent and meaning run deep and I try to work, play and create with goals and objectives…and good intent. Most times they’re vague…sometimes they’re quite precise…and many times they reveal themselves in wonderful, unexpected ways. I saw Dear Evan Hansen for the second time yesterday and I felt a huge emotional gut-punch this time around. I remembered Ben Platt being amazing and the show fantastic…but the acting and pathos in this Los Angeles production hit hard. I was swelled with empathy for the characters and most of them are all deeply hurting…I couldn’t stop… I’m a Realtor and a Landscape Designer. I’ve also have had the great opportunity to run the Rainbow Bridge Deli in Ojai, CA for several years. I created Vegan recipes for our hotcase, scores of goofy but delicious sandwiches and entire slew of Smoothies and Juices…I called many item crazy names, too. The smoothies I had a lot of fun with: “Acai is just Acai,” “Almond of La Matcha,” “Almond Nut–You’re a Nut!,” “Matcha, Matcha Man,” Grace from Manna Coco” and “Have a Cacao!” The best thing I learned there is that anyone can create a great smoothie with a banana (it adds texture, flavor, the right consistency, etc). Do it without the banana. Find other sources–Cashews, Almonds, Coconut, Avocado for starters. It’s a tip and opens up your creative vessel. I’m off to my fellow Realtor’s house this AM to help tweak his backyard. Landscaping and home value, desirability and sales potential all fall hand-in-hand. Landscaping is the go-to. I’m in Ventura, CA and our county and our state is under strict water regulations–putting in a lawn is ok–a small patch for pets or children is perfect. The rest should be simple trees, bushes and plants that compliment the house. I re-landscaped a house for $7,000 many years ago and the owner, the following week, refinanced…the house appraised for $20,000 more then the previous month. Landscaping. Much more to to go on about but Sunday meal prep, yard fixing and general goofing around is calling me. Tonight’s menu: Roasted Pasilla peppers with a dusting of Lime salt and bleu cheese, Butternut squash soup with caramelized onions, roasted cauliflower steaks and roasted pork loin with garlic and herbs. No dessert. Pictures of the table later. Bye for now, Albert

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