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The Whole30

Food, fun, drink. Everything that really begins in September every year and marches itself into the New Year. Stews & Soups–holiday meals; carefree cocktails. This year was The Whole30–everyone knows it and if you ask, many people have gone on this diet.

The month (mid Jan-mid Feb) worked. No dairy, no sweeteners of any kind, no alcohol, no legumes, no grains. Basically meats, eggs, veggies and potatoes (for some reason). But it worked–over 10 pounds lost but a better perspective gained.

Read the labels–over four ingredients and you’re losing the cleanliness of what you’re eating. We can eat those potato chips (but the 8 ingredients say stop)….so you find an Organic product that has potatoes, seas salt and olive oil–done. Ghee was allowed which is refined butter (milk fat skimmed out) and that was a revelation– sautéd with Spaghetti Zucchini; it’s delicious.

The big find was my morning muffins. Easy to make every Sunday for the whole week. I took The Whole30 recipe and put it on it’s ear…here it is.

There’s new Real Estate going on, tons of Landscape Design (my yard included) and keeping it real. Hands unclenched and palms up and open. Receiving and giving all abundance and good things. Feeling good

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